COCO SUP's Commitment

What is SUP?

SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle board.
It is a marine sport that even beginners who stand on a big surfboard and paddle and paddle can enjoy immediately.

Physique, board selection to suit the tour

SUP is a marine sport that anyone can enjoy,
If the board doesn't fit your physique, you won't be able to enjoy it at all.
COCO SUP is for men and women as well as children's
We have a variety of boards that you can enjoy as a family, and even if you have over 100kg, you can enjoy them.

Life jackets, wet, snorkel sets, stylish and the best

I am particular about the memories of the trip.
We offer stylish and cute wet and life jackets and snorkels.
It produces memories of the best trip.

SUP specialty menu rich

You can see the sea of Zama-flavored by the time of day.
COCO SUP offers many tours from morning sun to sunset to night.

We also offer night SUP and family SUP plans.

Take a lot of memories of your trip and present it

I take a lot of pictures and videos that are SUP in the sea with a beautiful zama taste and present it.
COCO SUP also offers cameras, Gopro and drones.
When the weather is good, there is also an aerial photography.