Course Introduction

*Services offered in all courses

Stand-up paddle board set, wet, snorkel set, photo data (mainly sent by LINE)
Drinks, showers, transfers, insurance
※ COCOSUP life jacket is stylish and easy to move
*Medical equipment is also available just in case.
*Safety and safety are operated first.

Physique, board selection to suit the tour

SUP is a marine sport that anyone can enjoy,
If the board doesn't fit your physique, you won't be able to enjoy it at all.
COCO SUP is for men and women as well as children's
We have a variety of boards that you can enjoy as a family, and even if you have over 100kg, you can enjoy them.

Half Day Tour (SUP + Snorkel)


*3 hours (3 and a half hours)

Uninhabited island tours, sea turtle-hunting tours, and the secret tour of Zama-flavored tours
I go to the place where i can go only by SUP.

2 hour SUP only tour


*2 hours (2 and a half hours)

I just want to sup!To those who sayIt is sup rowing tour.

Sunset Tour


*1.5 hours to 2.0 hours (2 hours to 2 and a half hours) (depending on the season).)

The sunset of zama-flavored goes down on the horizon.
Let's take that sunset on the SUP.

Sunrise Tour


*1.5 hours (2 hours)
*Please apply for more than two people.

Before you go home in a high-speed boat!SUP watching the morning sun in the morning
1.5-hour SUP-only tour

Night SUP Tour

7,000 yen

*1.5 hours in this
*SUP experience only
*Please apply for more than two people.

Why don't you row with a stand-up paddle board with LEDs in the sea at night?
On the way, i turned off the LED and played with the night light worm.
Lie down on the SUP and look at the starry sky in the sky

Family-only SUP Tour (SUP only 2 hours)

We will mainly tour with children.
Because it is held only by the family, i can enjoy it without worrying about other guests.

Adults (junior high school students and above)


Children who need an SUP

4,500 yen

Children who don't need An SUP

2,000 yen

Family-only SUP Tour (SUP and Snorkel 3 hours)

Adults (junior high school students and above)


Children who need an SUP

6,000 yen

Children who don't need An SUP

4,000 yen

Student-only SUP Tour (SUP + Snorkel)

7,000 YEN

Why don't you enjoy everyone in circles?
(All student IDs are required.))


Underwater Camera Rental

1 tour 2,000 yen

Let's leave a picture of a beautiful sea.
Nikon AW120, 130 and OLYMPUS TG-870 are available.
You can take pictures of the surface of the water and underwater.

Gopro Rental

1 tour 3,000 yen

Why don't you save the sea of Zama-flavored with video?
SUP videos and underwater videos!
Save the sea turtle in the video.
(Please bring a micro SD)
8GB micro SD for 1,000 yen

How to pay

Credit cards, electronic money,
You can use a variety of cashless payments.
VISA, master, Amex
Electronic money
Paypay, auPay, d-payment, LINEPay

VISA, master, amex, paypay, aupay, d-payment, LINEPay