Coco SUP's shop was built with the image of surfers house in California.

Not only do you enjoy sup on the sea,
Apart from the tour, we hope you will enjoy the inter-zama flavor.

After the tour, there is a space for a leisurely cup of coffee,
At night, you can have a fun drinking party with the participants.


Shower room & toilet

The shower room is also large and shampoo, rinse and body soap are available.

Sunset Tour

Sunset tour to Zama-flavored observatory
The sunset of zama flavor is the most beautiful.
We will guide you to the observatory for free.(Tour participants only)

Starry Sky Tour

Zama-flavored starry sky is a perfect star and the Milky Way
We will guide you to the point where you can see beautiful ly e.c.(Tour participants only)

COCOSUP Vehicles

★ Truck
I carry the board and go on a tour.

★ light vehicles
Use to pick up and receive customers

★ Boat
Used for fishing, surfing, snorkeling, etc.